You are disco guy in a dance club and your best moves always attract attention. You know you can dance like a beast on the very top dance floor, but to reach it you have to go past Dance Police.

Dance Police watches for people to dance in a proper fashion with attention to music and boy do they love their job!

To avoid Dance Police and shine on the V.I.P. floor you need to keep low profile and dance like every other average person in the house!

📘 Help

The character will go to your mouse position automatically.

There are different types of floor. You should dance in the same style as a floor color under your legs. You can rhythmically click with different speed to dance in “yellow” or “red” styles while “green” style is the default style.

Avoid Dance police and their “blue” floor, because they can easily reveal your character.

Dev Team

Linver - Level design, WermoongRey - Art & Animations, Razenpok - Programming, Holyghost - Music & Sounds

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